Baby Ballet Classes

Our Baby Ballet Dance is available for children age 3-4 Years.

Baby Ballet class focuses on growing your child’s physical development and coordination while learning to dance through imaginative storytelling.

Join Our Baby Ballerina's

This class offers more than just dancing, we teach students to listen and behave appropriately with positive response to both teacher and other students in the class.

At the end of the year they will also have the opportunity and choice to demonstrate what they have learnt throughout the year at our “End Of Year Showcase”. This is always a highlight for the students and parents.

Preschool classes give toddlers & young children the chance to learn to dance, gain confidence, and thrive. All classes are taught in a fun, engaging environment. Providing support, not pressure. 

Our incredible dance teachers provide the opportunity for our ballerinas to learn to dance, while developing a healthy, sociable & within a positive environment.

All New Ballerina's Are Welcome To Join!

Our Baby Ballet classes are a fun and positive environment.
It’s a great way to meet some amazing people and make new friends along the way.

Baby Ballet Classes Resume In February 2021